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Something about Leadership

What is Leadership?

The ability to Inspire or Influence
other people to achieve a
common objective

People willing do their best to
achieve the end-results

“The essence of leaders is persuading others to
follow your lead. We call it Motivation


You can be appointed Manager
You are a Leader only if your personality &
character, your knowledge & skills are Recognized
and Accepted by those you lead
You may be able to grant
someone a POSITION,
but you cannot grant him
real leadership.

INFLUENCE must be Earned

John C. Maxwell

Leadership is a way of Behaviour, not a TITLE.
Leadership is the Choices you make,
not the PLACE you sit.
People Follow
Leaders They Admire
Poor leader Demand Respect
competent leaders command respect

To be a Great
Leader, Change your Thinking

from I want a position that will make
people follow me” to “I want to be a
person who people will follow”.
Consequence is:
You don’t work on others, you work on Your Self


If I can’t lead myself, others
won’t follow me;
If I can’t lead myself, others
won’t respect me;
If I can’t lead myself, others
won’t partner with me;


Manage your Emotion
Manage Your Time
Manage your Priorities
Manage your Energy
Manage your Thingking
Manage your Word
Manage your Personal Life


1.I can’t lead if I’m not at the top”
2.When I get to the top, then I’ll
learn how to lead
3.If I were on top, then people
would follow me
4.When I get to the top, I’ll be in

5.When I get to the top, I’ll no
longer be limited

6.I can’t reach my potential if I’m
not the top leader

7.If I cant get to the top, then I
won’t try to lead

                             (Resumed By Aorora)



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