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Lilin Harapan






















1. Michael Angello - April 9, 2009

The faith, hope and love is one. those can not be separate like that.
Faith is given by God. We are just trying to reach it but God decides to give to every one He wants.

Love is the prove that we have the faith. we can not say that we love God but we hate others.

And the last one the hope. no faith no hope. because a hope rise from the faith. I can ask you, how can you hope for something without don’t believe that it will be done ?

so the conclusion is we can not hope without the faith, and the faith come from above. Be close with Him boy…………..Happy Ester God Bless Bid V all

2. aororaoperations - April 10, 2009

Thanks Untuk Commentnya Michael…

3. drue - October 27, 2015

Harapan akan terwujud,oleh krn itu hrs sll ada harapan dalam hidup ,,karena hanya Harapanlah teman setia dan yg sll membuat sy tetap tegar ,bijak juga sabar dalam menyikapi permasalahan dalam hidup saya tuk tetap semangat dan tdk putus asa demi masa depan lebih baik dan kesejahteraan ank” saya jg klg saya.Trimakasih ,.setelah banyak membaca(lilin harapan) Harapan saya,doa dan Harapan”dihati ini smg akan menjadi nyata.

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